A chat with Pushkin in cafe “At Biron”

— Certainly, someone tries to play a Trick on me, — thinks Gray-headed man, — is it for sure George who has decided to play this scene with an animator? I already have told him a joke about lunch for two persons. In addition, after my second visit this waiter asked me whom I was waiting for. And then I answered as a joke – for Pushkin. But this was already last winter. Yes, indeed, there is something unusual in this visitor, also he speaks with some strange intonations. But also, he does not look like the animators, whom are walking here to earn something on making photos for tourists. Well, if Pushkin was here by himself would the visitors of museum-room recognize him or they would accept him for ordinary animator, as me him now. And where has he come from? If he came from his apartment, but then there were plenty of tourists, the museum staff, guard. It seems, that in my desire to speak with poet I went too far. Of course, that was a joke, and I accept this animator as real Pushkin.
All these thoughts have appeared in one moment, but somewhere in a corner of the mind lurked a hope of miracle.
— Who knows maybe he is real… But nobody yet come back from there? And if this is him, then how was he able to come back to our time?
Meanwhile, the visitor ate scrambled eggs and merrily cast a glance on the neighbor.
— So many things I wanted to ask him, and can’t call to my mind something worthwhile. No, of course, he is not real Pushkin. Although, here you are the sideburns, and hair style, and clothes – seemingly everything is real.

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